BIST Career Week 2021


July 5 10.00h – 12.00h Workshop 1: Future steps and career choicesby Marie Trussart
15.00h – 16.30h Round table 1: Applying to GL positionsby Cristina Mayor Ruiz, Sakari Vanharanta and Marija Buljan
July 6 10.00h – 12.00h Workshop 2: LinkedIn & Twitter for researchers, by Magda Kufrej
15.00h – 16.30h Round table 2: Careers in science communicationby Fernando Gomollón Bel, Helena Gonzalez and Brynley Pearlstone
July 7 10.00h – 12.00h Workshop 3: Boost employability? CV academic – non academic, by Pedro Resende
15.00h – 16.30h Round table 3: Pharma & Biotech R&D, by Helena Roura, Santiago Cañellas and Silvia Pomposiello
July 8 10.00h – 12.00h Workshop 4: How to face a job interview?, by Alicia Jarillo
15.00h – 16.30h Round table 4: Data Science, by Kiana Toufighi, Abel Torres and David Talavera
July 9 09.00h – 11.00h Workshop 5: ERC Starting Grants, by Stewe Bekk and Malte Beringer
11.30h – 13.00h Round table 5: Consultancy, by Alexis Roig, Ilda Theka and Lucas Sanchez

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