BASF and ICIQ renew their commitment and create an award for entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation

By October 15, 2021October 24th, 2021ICIQ

ICIQ and BASF have renewed their collaboration agreement until 2023. The director of the institute, Prof. Emilio Palomares, and the general manager of BASF Spain, Carles Navarro, have been in charge of initiating this new period of collaboration, which includes the BASF-ICIQ Awards for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The main addition to this new agreement is the BASF-ICIQ Awards for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which aims to reward excellent research in the field of innovation and sustainable development. The awards will be funded with €9,000 and will be divided into three categories:

• Best doctoral thesis in any applied science that has played a crucial role in solving an industry challenge and/or developing radical innovation.
• Best patent to demonstrate the initiative of inventors to protect intellectual property and lay the foundations for technological innovation that promotes the development of a sustainable future.
• Best entrepreneur recognition mainly focused on people and start-ups who have opted for the commercialisation of their innovations in the field of applied sciences.

The first edition of this contest will open its nomination period this November and projects can be submitted until January 2022. The delivery of the I BASF-ICIQ Awards in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will take place on April 21st 2022 at ICIQ, coinciding with the World Day of Creativity and Innovation, with the main objective of highlighting the full creative potential of people worldwide.

Seminar programme

In addition to the creation of these new awards, BASF will continue to be the main sponsor of the ICIQ Seminar Programme, which brings together some twenty prestigious national and international researchers working in different areas of chemistry every year. The seminar programme is open to ICIQ staff and the scientific community at large. BASF has been the main sponsor of this programme since 2012, during which time it has welcomed prestigious visitors including Nobel Prize winners B. Feringa, B. List, D. MacMillan, K.B Sharpless, R.R. Schrock, R. Grubbs, and A. Suzuki.

Learn more about these awards and seminars on the ICIQ website.