Andreu Mas-Colell is appointed Vice-President of Barcelona Global

By July 8, 2021BIST

The Executive Commission of Barcelona Global has made Professor Andreu Mas-Colell Vice-President of the Association. Prof. Mas-Colell, who is President of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), brings his commitment to the continuous improvement of society and his internationally recognised experience in talent attraction as a driver of progress to the role.

Prof. Mas-Colell is an internationally recognised academic who has held many positions with high levels of political and social responsibility. He is committed to the betterment of society, taking concrete actions that have impacted science, innovation, talent, and universities.

Since Barcelona Global was created, Prof. Mas-Colell has been an active and committed member, contributing to its development. He has also been a member of the executive committees chaired by Gonzalo Rodés, Pau Guardans, and Aurora Catà, always contributing his knowledge, ideas, actions, and time.

With this appointment, Barcelona Global recognises and supports Prof. Mas-Colell’s work, and will benefit from his expertise, experience, and results-oriented ideas. Prof. Mas-Colell will serve as Vice-President alongside Dr. Lluis Torner (Director of the BIST centre ICFO), Carmina Ganyet, and Jaume Oliu.

More about Barcelona Global:

Barcelona Global is a private, independent, and non-profit association composed of 212 of the city’s leading companies, research centres, entrepreneurs, business schools, universities, and cultural institutions, and more than 840 professionals aiming to make Barcelona one of the world’s best cities for talent and economic activity. Learn more here.