All BIST researchers have a VITAE membership

By November 9, 2018January 11th, 2021BIST

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) has been working with Vitae, a non-profit programme focused on supporting the professional development of researchers to bring impactful training courses to BIST researchers of all levels.

Some recent examples of these training courses include:
Leadership in Action course for postdoctoral researchers – April 2018
GRADSchool course for PhD students – July 2018

In addition to these, all BIST members (including all people working at one of the BIST centres: CRGIBECICFOICIQICN2IFAEIRB Barcelona) have access to the Vitae platform, an online resource with high quality resources, member only services, online advice and generous discounts on event attendance. The aim of these resources is to provide researchers with tools and strategies to support their professional development.

We encourage all people working at a BIST centre to take advantage of this platform.

The platform can be accessed here 

To register, simply use your institution’s email address