To the Mothers of Science

Supporting grant for BIST scientists

BIST supports women scientists who have the ambition and potential to reach a leading position in research and are fulfilling maternity responsibilities at the same time.

Call open Febraury 11 – March 12, 2018
Press release about program launch found here

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology opens the Mothers of Science supporting grant on February 11, 2018 – the international day of women and girls in science – in order to address the gap that exists between the number of women in the BIST Community who are research associates or senior post-doctoral researchers (41%) and the percentage of women who are group leaders (only 15%!). At BIST, we want to recognize the value and excellent research done by these scientists and support them in their career transition.

This program is a result of the ideas collected during the BIST Round Table on Empowering Women in Science within the BIST Community, held on Novmber 28th, 2018 in order to identify the needs of the BIST Community in this area. Support to excellent researchers who are also mothers was identified as an immediate need and therefore BIST has launched this program as the first action within a larger “Women in Science” program which will be developed over time.

Terms and conditions:
• Salary top-up of 400 € / month (gross)
• Coaching program by professional coacher Victoria Conesa (
• If the researcher has a contract/agreement with an external institution, the fellowship can only be granted if she also has a connection with one of the BIST centres (independent of funding source).
• Duration of the grant is for the length of the contract, up to a maximum of one year

Eligibility criteria:
i) Mother of at least one child at the time of call launch
ii) Researcher developing an activity at one of the BIST centers as a PhD student, Post-doc, research associate or equivalent; and with a contract/agreement with either an external institution (university, research center, research institution) or directly with one of the BIST centers.
iii) Submission of the online application form

Evaluation criteria:
i) Candidates will be evaluated based on their scientific excellence and potential, and motivation to pursue a leadership position in academia or industry.
ii) The decision for supporting a candidate will be made by the evaluation board, which is composed of one representative from each BIST center and three external experts in scientific careers (additional experts will be incorporated depending on the number of applicants).
iii) Special consideration will be given to ensuring a geographical balance as well as a diversity of experiences and institutional profiles.

Deadline and submission:
• Call for applicants open from February 11th to March 12th
• Online application form here

Contact person: Núria Bayó, Program Manager at BIST (

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