2016 Ignite Project: NIRGRAPH

Near-Infrared Graphene Optoelectronic Devices with Atomically Controlled Nanostructures

Project overview

NIRGRAPH was awarded the BIST Ignite Grant in March, 2017. The news release can be found here.

NIRGRAPH intends to apply a new manufacturing technique that would reduce the size of graphene nanostructures up to 1-2 nanometers – current techniques do not allow lowering beyond 5 nm – and their assembly at the atomic scale, thus facilitating their use in optoelectronic devices (with applications, for example, in the field of telecommunications).

Multidisciplinarity within NIRGRAPH

Multidisciplinarity is inherent in this project through the collaboration of different research centres, specifically a theoretical research group as well as two experimental groups. The communication between the groups will be crucial for the design of graphene nanoribbons with optimal optical response and the optical characterization, as well as optical transmission experiments. A kick off meeting where each group introduces their scientific approach and techniques in relation to the project will serve to establish a solid multidisciplinary framework.

Follow this page for updates about the project.

Project members

Aitor Mugarza

ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader at ICN2

Francisco Javier García de Abajo

ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader at ICFO

Valerio Pruneri

ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader at ICFO

César Moreno

Post-doctoral Fellow at ICN2

Marcos Paradinas

Laboratory Engineer at ICN2

Renwen Yu

PhD Student at ICFO

José R. M. Saavedra

PhD Student at ICFO

Daniel Rodrigo

Post-doctoral Fellow at ICFO

Institutional Members of the Board of Trustees