The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology is a scientific initiative of seven of Catalonia’s research centres of excellence whose objective is to increase their levels of collaboration in order to build together a joint scientific project. Its strength is based on the research capacities of the seven centres and its potential to promote multidisciplinary, cutting-edge projects.

Each one of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology’s centres has reached a high level of excellence in their respective areas of expertise (they all hold the “Severo Ochoa Distinction for Scientific Excellence”).

Its scientific community is made up of members of the participating research centres:

Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)

Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)

Catalan Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2)

High Energy Physics Institute (IFAE)

Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)

Our mission is to promote excellent research in a multidisciplinary environment. We are committed to the development and training of scientists to maximize science impact in society

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology’s aims are:

1. To consolidate excellent multidisciplinary research across the BIST community.

2. To develop world class postgraduate education and training.

3. To build BIST as a stimulating and supportive working environment.

4. To boost the scientific, economic and social impact of research.

Since we believe societal challenges need to be addressed from a multidisciplinary approach, BIST aims to become an international reference in excellent research through the right combination of approaches, and to improve Catalonia’s competitive position in the global scientific context.

Board of Trustees


Prof Andreu Mas-Colell


Mr Jaume Giró,

CEO of “la Caixa” Foundation


Dr Eduard Vallory


Prof Ignacio Cirac,

Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics

Prof Joan Massagué,

Sloan Kettering Institute

Prof Miquel Salmeron,

University of California- Berkeley

Prof Sergi Verdú,

Princeton University

Prof Sylvia Daunert,

Nanotech Institute of the University of Miami

Prof M. Carme Calderer,

University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

Prof Rolf Tarrach,

European University Association


Mr Miquel Molins,

Chairman of the Banc Sabadell Foundation

Mr Germán Ramón-Cortés,

Chairman of Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation

Mr Jordi Segarra,

Cellex Private Foundation

Mr David Nogareda,

Femcat Businessmen Foundation


Prof Luís Serrano,

Director of CRG

Prof Josep Samitier,

Director of IBEC

Prof Miquel Àngel Pericàs,

Director of ICIQ

Prof Pablo Ordejón,

Director of ICN2

Prof Lluís Torner,

Director of ICFO

Prof Ramon Miquel,

Director of IFAE

Prof Joan Josep Guinovart,

Director of IRB Barcelona


Hon Santi Vila i Vicente,

Minister of Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia

Director General

Gabby Silberman

Institutional Members of the Board of Trustees